Zdjecia Losia

We would like to invite you to visit an agrotouristic house in Losie in Beskid Niski.

We offer three rooms, each for two-three people.

All rooms are located upstairs the house. There is also kitchen annex and living room with TV.

Nearby the house, about 100 meters, you can find a bar with tasty food and fishery of trout.

2 kilometers from house, there is a beautiful lake -Klimkowka. It is beautiful spot to spend time in summer.

You can swim there, windsurf or sail.

In the country you can find a river which flow out from the mountains. There is a possibility for fishing.

The house is located near the low mountain, among two streams.

It is dreamed place to rest and to work in peace.
wiecej …..http://dom-gosi.w.interia.pl
Beskid Niski

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